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Storm Causes Church to Fall

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Storm Causes Church to Fall

(Brazil CNSAM). On November 26, 2015 a storm hit the whole region of São Raimundo Nonato leaving a true path of destruction in several cities. The worst case was in the city of Fartura do Piauí, where the Fartura Church of the Nazarene collapsed during a service filled with people.

As of now, the death of brother Florisvaldo Ferreira dos Santos, 56 years old, has been confirmed and several injured were taken to the closest hospital. Superintendent Gerson said, “The tragedy could have been worse. Pastor Francildo was going to start to preach when he felt he should ask the congregation to return to their homes because the wind and rain was very strong. Everyone had left the building except for two men who were inside closing the windows, when a gust of wind made the roof fall. An iron beam fell on top of brother Florisvaldo.”

There was damage to several houses and even a gas station was left without a roof.

For more information, Gerson Pinto Cardoso:

Source: Pr. Elio Tomaz.
Editing: Oscar Benítez.
Translation: Stefanie Ratzlaff.

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