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Strategic Meeting in Brazil’s Sub Region

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(Campinas CNSAM). March 2nd and 3rd, the regional leaders meet together at the Campinas Central Church of the Nazarene’s campgrounds, Manaim, to analyze the regional vision’s progress.

The following leaders participated in the meetings: the regional director, Christian Sarmiento; the director of Brazil’s sub region, Aguiar Valvassoura; regional ministry coordinators: Patricia Picavea (MEDD), Germán Picavea (Communication), Jorge Julca (Theological Education), Carlos Fernández (Evangelism, Leadership and Literature); Strategy Coordinator for Brazil’s Sub Region: Manuel Lima (Area), Flavio Valvassoura (Area), Pedro Paulo Ferreira Matos (Central Area) y Jadilson Rodrigues de Souza (North Area); and the National Coordinator for Integrated Ministries, Alfredo Mulieri. Marcos Lucas, supervisor for Brazil’s CNP and Ramón Santos Da Costa, chancellor of Brazil’s Nazarene Theological Seminary and Brazil’s Nazarene Faculty, and Pastor Amadeu Texeira were also present.

Throughout the two days, each ministry presented their successes and challenges they have faced, along with different available methods and materials to continue making efforts towards making Christ-like disciples. All of the participants are giving their all to growing the Kingdom of God in Brazil.

Source: Germán Picavea, Regional Coordinator of Communication.

Translation: Cynthia Nantze Márquez.

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