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The Day After the Earthquake

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The Day After the Earthquake

(Chile CNSAM). Now after the great earthquake which northern Chile suffered, the effects are varied, but the Chilean people optimistically began to reconstruct that which was lost.

The Church of the Nazarene was present at all times helping the victims with their varying needs, especially in those areas that were most affected, like Iquique and Alto Opisio, where the infrastructure of the houses has been heavily damaged. There they continue in a state of alert because of the continuing earthquakes.

The Church, has organized and mobilized in the area of Iquique. It has been the center for channeling the help that has been processed by Nazarene Compassionate Ministries of the South American Region. We need to emphasize the important role the North Chilean District has had taking a special love offering to assist their own district that has been affected. They were able to get 1,500 Kilograms of non-perishable food items; these donations were obtained in the city of Arica at approximately 350 kilometers to the north of Chile.

Donations of meals were given to the camps that were established in different communities. They are expectant to see how things evolve and to see the ways they can help in a second stage according to the needs that arise as the days go by.

Source: José David Acosta.
Redaction: Susana Cabral.
Translation: Evelyn Ovando

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