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The First Baptisms

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The First Baptisms

(Argentina CNSAM). The 15th of February of 2015 in the city of Aluminé, province of Neuquén, Argentina, the Church of the Nazarene celebrated it’s first baptisms with 10 whom publicly declared their faith in Jesus Christ the Lord. They are: Rolando Balcarce, his wife Cristina Henríquez, and their son Roberto Balcarce of 18 years of age; Martín Barahona and his wife Cándida Larrivey; Daniel Leal and his wife Viviana Romero; Cristina Coñuequir, Belén Herrera and Caren Cancino.

These are the first baptisms of a church that was a mission and only recently was organized the 31st of January.

On January 31st In the city of Neuquén, Argentina on the Patagonia North District the 13th district assembly was held, in which the Aluminé, Casa del Padre (Father’s House) church was organized, with a membership of 30 adults, 25 children 7-12 years of age and 8 teenagers 13-18 years of age. The Assembly was presided over by District Superintendent Rev. Eduardo Martínez and Area Strategies Coordinator , Rev. Juan José Zani.

The “Casa del Padre” church’s objective is to show God to the people of the city of Aluminé and surrounding areas based on the teaching in John 14:6. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and that only through Him you can get to the Father. To do this they have implemented the cell system, The Master’s Plan. Right now they have a cell group for men, one for women, one for children, one for youth, one for married couples and three mixed cells. They are also expanding their territory (according to Isaiah 54:2) and on March 3rd will begin prayer cells in Piloli, a place about 30 miles from un Aluminé; and on the 10th they will begin a cell group in Villa Pehuenia, a touristic town about 35 miles from Aluminé, making it a total of 10 cell groups in different parts of the region. They also have a Discipleship course of 3 levels: 1st one for new converts, 2nd one to grow and the 3rd one to send. This helps them prepare leaders for the cell groups as well as the general meetings.

In November of 2014 they bought, by the grace of God, a property for the church. The property is around 2100 sq ft and has a 36×20 building on it.

This past January they began to meet in their new place and celebrate God’s miracles. At the first meeting they prayed for a lady with breast cancer that had spread to her kidneys and lungs. She had been living with this cancer for 2 years and was in delicate health. Glory to God she is now well, she only has a few traces on her bones but nothing serious the doctor says.

God continues to do miracles in Aluminé, and this encourages them to keep preaching that the God of miracles in the Old Testament is the same today and forever. With this miracle that makes 6 total since the Church of the Nazarene began work in the city of Aluminé.

Source: Eduardo e Idalina Vergara.
Editing: Germán Picavea.
Translation: Steve Brown.

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