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The Kingdom Advances in Buenos Aires

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The Kingdom Advances in Buenos Aires

(Argentina CNSAM). In October 2012, a Church of the Nazarene from Westchester, OH, through a Work and Witness team, helped build two chapel structures for new churches in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The churches of Martín Fierro, organized in 2011 and Dimini organized in 2009 are both located in the needy western part of this large metropolitan capital city.

Pastor Migliore of Martin Fierro Church of the Nazarene works with his wife and 7 young daughters to establish a connection to the working families in the neighborhood. Their congregation, of 30 adults and many children have been meeting in the living room of a home for several years. But now, the church has raised it´s initial structure thanks to the giving of the team from Westchester.

On the other end of that western zone, Dimini Church finds itself finally raising the walls to the new sanctuary. Also meeting in a home, Pastor Miraglia has the potential to reach out to over 100 children in this very precarious neighborhood. Currently, many of these children and their teenage siblings attend a Nazarene church several miles away. But there is anxious expectation among the families of this community for their Nazarene Church building to be finished in order to better meet the spiritual needs of the youth.

Due to abundant rain, the Westchester team could not work outside some of the days, so they also helped prepare the structure for 12 future churches at the Southern Cone Field Chapel Factory. At the churches, VBS´s were led by local Sunday School leaders, with an average of 60 children at each VBS. The Work and Witness team was relatively small- only 14 people. More than half of those on the team have been struggling with devastating medical problems in the last few years. Yet they felt led to comes down, and their gift helped two churches jump- start their vision of reaching their world (their neighborhood) for Christ.

One Work and Witness team- 14 people- 2 churches- 12 future churches. Thank you Westchester!

Source: Robin Radi, Missionary in the Southern Cone Field.

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