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The Master’s Plan Convention 2015

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The Master’s Plan Convention 2015

(Colombia CNSAM). September 23-26 2015, the Church of the Nazarene, Casa de Oración, in Cali, Colombia held the ninth International Master’s Plan Convention “Lord revive your work” that brings ministers and leaders from all over the world.

With an attendance of more than a thousand people as well as international delegations from Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Trinidad and Tobago, Guatemala, Mexico and USA; a very marvelous training encounter was successfully held.

During the four days the Holy Spirit was felt as he inspired, strengthened and ministered through the pastors messages like that of Ruddy Garcia from the Planters of life church, pastor Miguel Arrazola de Rios and the local pastors Adalberto Herrera and his wife Nineye de Herrera. The participation of the psalmist Daniel Calveti moved hearts to worship. The local Nazarene Band was an instrument to guide the church to a genuine encounter with God through worship.

The Casa de Oración church is one of the largest in the denomination and has held this event for the last nine years to share the strategy that God has given pastor Adalberto Herrera. The Master’s Plan is a historically rooted and biblically originated movement that unites the necessary elements of sound teaching for the formation of new disciples in the image of Christ, in harmony with the Great Commission. More than a method, the Master’s Plan integrates the church’s local ministries: prayer, counseling, small groups, discipleship and the rest of the ministries through the means of grace for the new believers to grow in faith and holiness.

Source: Communications, Church of the Nazarene Casa de Oración, Cali, Colombia.
Translation: Steve Brown.

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