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The Rojas Family: Global Missionaries

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The Rojas Family: Global Missionaries

(Argentina CNSAM). On Monday, February 23, 2015, in Kansas City, Missouri, the missionaries Jessica and Wilmar Rojas were named Global Missionaries. The Rojas presently serve on the SAM Region.

Wilmar is originally from Nicaragua and Jessica from the United States. Both of them had a call to missions before they knew each other.

Wilmar worked with a program of Compassion in Condega, Nicaragua. The program gave sustainable agricultural support to the growers of the region. Two families of missionaries worked with him in this program. While they helped the growers, God was using his work to direct Wilmar’s heart toward the mission field.

While she was studying at Southern Nazarene University in Oklahoma, Jessica felt a strong attraction to missions when in one of the student devotionals, a young missionary told of his work in Europe. From that day on, Jessica began to join in missionary trips both within the country as well as outside her country and each trip confirmed God’s call.

As part of her studies, Jessica had to visit other countries, among them, Nicaragua. Along with a group of students she was sent to the pueblo where Wilmar worked with his group of the Compassion program. At the end of this time Jessica had to turn in a paper written about sustainable agriculture and Wilmar was the person she interviewed. There they began to know each other better and love sprang up which brought about their marriage in 2004 and the formation of a family.

They continued their missionary ministry and served in the United States in an Hispanic church; while there they traveled with Work and Witness groups to Mexico and were volunteers with Mission Corps for six months in Nicaragua.

Since 2011 until the present, Jessica and Wilmar have been in Argentina along with their two small boys, Israel (7 years old) and Caleb (5 years old). Wilmar serves as National Coordinator of Compassionate Ministries. Jessica serves as National Coordinator of NMI, Coordinator of Child Sponsorship for the South Cone Area and in the area of finances in the South Cone Area office. Also they serve in a local church in the city of Moreno and as leaders of a mission in Liniers, Buenos Aires.

Their plans for the future are: To continue developing said ministries (NCM and NMI) so that these can be established and put into practice in each one of the Argentine districts.

Source: Jessica and Wilmar Rojas.
Redaction: Susana Cabral.
Translation: Evelyn Ovando.

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