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The Second Congregation

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The Second Congregation

(Guinea-Bissau CNSAM). On February 12, 2014, missionaries Irma and Mario Martínez traveled to the interior of the country to the city of Uabe, Bissora Region of Ohio to begin the second congregation of the Church of the Nazarene in this country.

They had planned to carry out this project in the future, but this was God´s timing and He opened a great door in an area where there is neither a church nor a school close by. People have to go several miles to find a church or school. This new congregation will reach several small villages.

God has led the Martínez ever since their time of preparation in Cape Verde to go to Guinea-Bissau. There they met a Nazarene couple from Guinea-Bissau. Their pastor recommended them as committed young people and said they helped a lot in evangelism. The young man Iemina Tchuda went with the missionaries to accompany and help them on their arrival to Guinea Bissau. The plan was that he would stay 10-15 days until they were settled, then he would return to Cape Verde where he lived with his wife and son. After a few days, Iemina said that God had touched his heart and he wished to return to his homeland to share the gospel with his people and to help establish the Church of the Nazarene in Guinea-Bissau. Immediately he sent for his wife and son (Emilia and Elías). They are great help and the second congregation was born in their village.

The first congregation began in October of 2013 in the house of the missionaries, in a community of another faith, in the capital city of Bissau. The group grew and they had to remodel the garage of their house into a church building where the Children’s Club meets, an adult literacy class, a course in Portuguese and crocheting classes along with other urban ministries. Presently there is an attendance of 15-20 persons over 15 years of age. On Saturdays, 110-150 children attend the children´s club. Twenty-five ladies participate in the adult literacy class.

For more information about the work in Guinea-Bissau, Africa, please, contact to Irma and Mario Martínez at:

Source: Mario Martínez.
Redaction: Germán Picavea.
Translation: Evelyn Ovando.

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