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Theological Education in the Awajún Districts

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Theological Education in the Awajún Districts

(CNSAM Peru) The academic year of the Nazarene Theological Seminary of Peru (STNP) began January 11, 2016 with a summer holiday program and concluded on February 26 with a time of fellowship among those enrolled.

There were 21 students registered in the program, 99% of whom were from Awajún, an ethnic group of the Peruvian Amazon jungle. This program is aimed at leaders of the Awajún Church of the Nazarene and also serves those pastors as a ministerial course update.

Also on March 7 the regular program began in the Nuevo Horizonte Sub-Headquarters with a prior enrollment of 18 students (of which 95% are Awajún) and the complementation program for graduates with a Diploma in Theology who wish to apply for a Bachelor of Theology awarded by the STMP also began for them to be able to continue their undergraduate studies.

The Nuevo Horizonte sub-headquarters is an extension of STNP, which serves in the Amazon jungle for three Awajún districts in the formation of pastors and leaders.

Our prayer is that the Church of the Nazarene could be a powerful tool for the preparation of these leaders and that they could generate more and more fruit for the Lord in their local context.

Source: Rev. Edgardo Román and Rev. Evelio Vásquez
Translation: Rev. Cindy Downey

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