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They went to a new mission

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They went to a new mission

(Argentina CNSAM). On May 7, 2013, missionaries Irma y Mario Martínez left Buenos Aires to Praia-Cape Verde.

Leaving behind Equatorial Guinea, Africa, the Martínez, arrived in Argentina November 21 2012 with their daughter Yessica for their 3-month missionary tour before starting their new mission. The Martínez were the missionaries in charge of taking the Church of the Nazarene to Equatorial Guinea, the last Spanish-speaking country left in the world where the denomination had not been.

It was a hard work that took 10 years. Irma, Mario and their daughter Yessica, 6 yrs old at the time, arrived in Equatorial Guinea on June 11, 2002. They started their work knocking on doors, house by house, then a cell meeting in their own home, and just as the book of Acts says, “The Lord added to their numbers everyday those who were being saved”. It was in the middle of difficult challenges, illnesses and struggles that they faced, that the work in Equatorial Guinea, day by day, was moving ahead. Today, after 15 years, God has allowed them to leave the Church of the Nazarene established in that country, with established congregations, national leadership, a self managed district and a K-elementary school. The work in Equatorial Guinea has also gone from Pioneer Area to Phase 1, with a native superintendant, Rev. Daniel Ncuna, whom they sent, along with his wife Mercedes to prepare themselves at the Seminario Teológico Nazareno of the Southern Cone in Argentina.

The Martínez’, since their arrival in Argentina, have been sharing about their work in Nazarene congregations, as well as other denominations, in Brazil, Paraguay (Mario’s native country) and Argentina.

During their stay in South America, the challenges did not leave them. Mario had to face gallbladder surgery of which, thanks be to God, he recovered without any lasting problems. They were also tragically faced with the death of his mother, one of the pioneers of the Church of the Nazarene in Paraguay.

The new mission that the Martínez’ are embarking on is the establishment of the Church of the Nazarene in the last Portuguese speaking country in the world where there is no Nazarene presence, Guinea Bissau. For this they first go to Cape Verde, where they will be for 3 months learning Portuguese. At this time, their daughter Yessica of 17 years of age is staying in Buenos Aires to finish high school.

To contact Irma and Mario Martínez you can write them at: or follow the advancement of their work on Facebook: IrmayMarioMartinez.


* Equatorial Guinea has 28.052,46 km², and its population is 1.622.000, Cameroon is to the north, Gabon is to the south, the Guinean Gulf is to the west in which the islands of Santo Tomé and Príncipe are.

** Guinea-Bissau is in Western Africa and is 36.120 km², population is 1.460.253, Senegal is to the north, Guinea is to the south and east and the Atlantic Ocean is to the west.

Source: Mario Martínez.

Translation: Steve Brown.

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