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Third Training of Brazil NYI

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Third Training of Brazil NYI

(Brazil CNSAM). On May 25–27, 2012, at Camp Aguas Cantantes Contagem (MG – Brazil), the 3rd national NYI training called Incendiados (on fire) was held.

More than 400 young people participated from seven different states (San Paulo, Distrito federal, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro and Pernambuco) and involved 10 of the 17 districts of Brazil. The interaction and integration of national NYI has beenevident in every event and we dream of having more districts involved in future events.

The plenary sessions and sermons focused on the spiritual life of every leader, the need for a devotional life, and the pursuit of the Holy Spirit. Also discussed were discipleship and evangelistic strategy. Various tools available to assist young people in the growth of the local NYI were also presented.

Leaders of the most diverse regions met to discuss issues related to national NYI with the aim of uniting individual regions in the work of NYI with the same vision, thus enhancing the growth of the ministries.

 The speakers were: Rev. Pedro Paulo (Field Strategy Coordinator, Central Brazil), Rev. Adriano (Belo Horizonte – MG), Rev. Christian Malta (Nazateen), Rev. Edmilton (Choreography Ministry, Brasilia and Minas Gerais), Edson Moura (Youth Bible Quizzing), Rev. Edmur Penteado (NYI Coordinator, Central Brazil), Rev. Sandro (Brasilia – DF), Rev. Paulo Alexandre (National President of Brazil NYI) and the Rev. Jimmy De Gouveia (NYI Regional Coordinator in South America).

At this time, the national NYI leaders present introduced the new leadership of NYI who will work until the General NYI Convention in June 2013.

The young people were challenged to devote their lives to God’s call for our generation, being Incendiados  (on fire) with the Holy Spirit, and showing in their lives evidence of God’s presence.

Source: Mariana Pereira, Secretary of JNI Brazil.

Translator: Janet Reinhart.

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