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Third Wave 2015

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Third Wave 2015

(Costa Rica CNSAM). Third Wave is an event organized by the Global NYI (Nazarene Youth International) that takes place every four years and reunites emerging leaders from around the world to train them in youth ministry.

On this occasion, from January 6-11, 2015, Costa Rica was the host country for 169 participants from 35 different countries. Eleven of them were representatives from the South America Region. Christiano Malta and Caroline Araújo from Brazil; Juan David Herrera from Colombia; David Navarrete, Tania Díaz and Estefanía Chuiza from Ecuador; Ana Suárez, Daniel Huamanchungo and José David Balcázar from Peru; and Josué Franco and Jimmy De Gouveia from Venezuela.

During the event, the participants worked with the core values for NYI: Be, Do & Go. This took place through workshops, plenary sessions that were led by Dr. Gustavo Crocker, General Superintendent; Dr. Verne Ward, Global Mission Director; Gary Hartke, Global NYI Director; David González, Global NYI President; and the Regional Coordinators for NYI: Justin Pickard, US; Ronald Miller, Africa; Milton Gay, Mesoamerica; Janary Sucot, Asia Pacific; and Sabine Wielk, Eurasia.

The times of worship reflected the global aspect of the ministry. The music was led by: Rodrigo Lara, El Salvador (worship leader); Abigail Burton, Australia; Ashley Wetzel, U.S.; and David Peña (vocals); Yuki Osa, Japan (acoustic guitar); Juan David Herrera, Colombia (drums); Dennis Lieske, Germany (percussion); Alyssa Keuther, U.S. (bass); and Levi Balcazar, Peru (keyboard).

Although the official languages of the event were English and Spanish, there were moments when songs were led in Russian, Spanish, German, Italian, English, Korean and Portuguese. These were special moments to worship God in different languages, an aspect which showed the diversity and unity of global NYI ministry.

One activity filled with colors and flavor was the World Market. Each participant brought articles, food and typical treats from their countries in order to sell them in this activity. The result of the sale was nearly $2000 which will be used for Regional NYI projects for Mesoamerica.

As part of the event and in coordination with the country’s two districts, Maximum Mission activities took place at the same time in different cities such as Poás, Orosí, San Ramón de Alajuela, San Isidro and San Francisco de Heredia where they did open-air evangelism and work projects such as cleaning and repairing parks and public schools, oral hygiene clinics and concerts.

On the final day, the participants made a prayer commitment to maintain the bond of friendship and ministerial support. Participants are expected to pray for each other, and they are in contact through social networks in the ministry where each one serves in different parts of the world.

Event organizers thank the Mesoamerica Region for their hospitality in hosting the event. Gaby Bustos (NYI Coordinator for the Mesoamerica Central Field) was the site coordinator who organized 40+ volunteers from the two Costa Rican districts. She is appreciated for her work and for her attention to the participants. The Communications team was thanked for their technical support of the event.

The next Third Wave conference will be held in Eurasia in 2019. For more information visit: o

Source: Jimmy De Gouveia.
Written by: Germán Picavea.
Translation: Jennifer Edgerton.

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