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Transforming Lives

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Transforming Lives

(Argentina CNSAM). On July 13th, 2013, a youth encounter was held with the churches of the Nazarene on the Cuyo district in the capitol of the province of San Luis, with the theme “Transforming lives”.

The Church of the Nazarene, Barrio Unión, pastored by Reverends Manuel Yebara and Elva Chosco, was host to five other churches of the district for this event attended by youth, leaders, pastors and the superintendent, Rev. Raúl Mariano Garay. The total attendance was of 70 participants.

Guest speakers were: Rev. Elva Chosco (pastor of the local church) directing a time of evaluation of the district youth ministry, through the well-known analysis program SWOT (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats); Pamela Báez,  (district NYI president) spoke about spiritual relationships; Rev. Anna Melva Chávez (national NYI coordinator for Argentina) gave the plenary session, the risks that youth run today by wrong usage of Internet and cell phones. Chavez also gave a workshop on how to be and do youth ministry.

The day finished late into the night with a special celebration time with the local group REZO and the soloist Julio Lopez. The Bible teaching was given by Rev Chavez, emphasizing the theme and encouraging all to, “Put on the jersey, go transform lives”.

Source: Anna Melva Chavez, National NYI Coordinator.

Editing: Susana Cabral.

Translation: Steve Brown.


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