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Uruguay North Youth Gathering

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Uruguay North Youth Gathering

(Uruguay CNSAM).Superconectados 2012” was held July 19-21, with the theme of “Holiness and Mission.”

“Super-Connected to the King” was the fourth District Youth Camp held in the city of Tacuarembó. Each activity was related to the theme of “Holiness and Mission.” There were campfires, Olympic-style obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, devotional times, workshops, and praise and worship services full of God’s power that all worked in a special way in the life of every one of the young people.

Each day, new experiences brought the campers closer to practicing the theme in miraculous ways. Our God performed miracles and made life changes in the youth, surprising us with the results.

On Sunday, everyone returned to their churches, blessed and blessing others; there were testimonies in every service.

The experiences of the youth in the district at this event have exceeded personal expectations; the testimonies were very special times, as well as the moments of reconciliation with God and the reaffirmed commitments to God. Already, prayer has begun for “Superconectados 2013“.

Source:. Adhemar Charlin, National Communications Coordinator in Uruguay.

Translation: Janet Reinhart.

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