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Uruguay South 2013 Assembly

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Uruguay South 2013 Assembly

(Uruguay CNSAM). During the 12th and 13th of January 2014, in Montevideo the 52nd District Assembly was held for the Uruguay South District after a month when the country’s corresponding North District’s assembly.

This time, the South District Assembly had something unique, not only did it concern the business and legislative part of the church, but changes in how the work within its territory were also introduced.

The Assembly began on the 12th with the District Superintendent’s, Rev. Jesús Bernat, report. Next the different reports of the elders and licensed ministers were given, reflecting what God is doing in this time. Then, led by the Field Strategy Coordinator of the Southern Cone Field, Rev. Juan José Zani, the legislative part of the assembly was held with 80 delegates present, with the election of the Advisory Board members, the Ministerial Credential Board members and the Ministerial Studies Board, just as the NYI and DEM Councils and the reelection of NMI.

After studying different possibilities and looking at the need to support the growth of the Church Of The Nazarene in Uruguay, a new diagram of the church on a national level was unveiled. At the same time the plan for the South District was defined; four work zones well defined that in the near future will become districts according to the appropriate categories, as well as three zones of the North District, according to a new work map where each zone will have a leader named in order to work in conjunction with the corresponding churches.

To round off this annual celebration, Monday the 13th, an Ordination service was held with the presence of General Superintendent, Dr. Jerry Porter, and the South America Regional Director, Dr. Christian Sarmiento. In the solemn ceremony, officiated by Dr. Jerry Porter, pastors, Beila Piñeiro Rodríguez and Maria de los Ángeles Sosa from the North District and pastors Inés Esmeralda Carcabelo and Ricardo Alfredo González Díaz from the South District were ordained as elders.

All present prayed that this year they would be able to put into practice the challenge that Dr. Jerry Porter presented: “To make Christlike Disciples” internationally.

Source: Adhemar Charlin.
Translation: Cindy Downey.

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