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Uruguay South NYI

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Uruguay South NYI

(Uruguay CNSAM). On January 3, 2015 the Uruguay South District, in the Tres Cruses Church of the Nazarene in the city of Montevideo a motivational meeting of young people was held which focused on the formation of a new Council for this district.

Within a framework of fellowship and meeting the youth meeting was attended by the majority of the churches on the district.

This meeting, which was attended by over 80 young people, was chaired by Rev. Adhemar Charlin representing the District Superintendent who was unable to attend. Rev. Manuel Churi, representing the District Advisory Board was also in attendance.

After a time of praise lead by a group from the local church, the election of the leaders that form part of the new council was held. They are: President: Roberto González, Vice President: Emauel Silva, Members: Marcos Churi, Jhonatan Bernat, Mónica Zufiría, Vanessa González, Juan María Furtado, Alejandro Alegre y Andrea Policarpo.

After finishing with the formation of this working group, a time of worship of God continued, ending with the message of the Word shared by brother Roberto González who motivated the Young people to carry out God’s plan for Uruguay South.

This activity included mostly young people that had the opportunity, after the meeting, to strengthen ties and meet in a relaxed time of fellowship.

Source: Adhemar Charlin.
Translation: Cindy Downey.

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