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Women Renewed

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Women Renewed

(Paraguay CNSAM). On September 26-28, 2014 the first National Ladies Retreat was helod in the city of Luque, Paraguay.

This retreat, under the theme of “KUÑA MBOPYAHU” (Woman Renewed) in Spriti, Soul and Body, attracted 55 women from different cities of Paraguay such as, Luque, Pilar, Encarnacion, San Lorenzo, Capiata, Alberdi, Asuncion (Obrero Neighborhood) and 5 women from other countries; three from Brazil and two from the United States.

The speakers of the event were: Pstor Ivanise Xaxa, Susana Pallarez and Ivonne Torales. There were not only times of spiritual searcing but times of relaxation, workshops on beauty, crafts, etc. providing comprehensive care for women.

On Sunday the 28th, at the close of the Retreat, everyone gathered in the Nazarene Church in Luque where they united with the congregation and the city of Pilar. The Word was shared by pastor Adolfo Ayala Torrales.

The organizer, Norma Ortiz said, “All that is left for me to do is to gvie infinite thanks to God today for his infinite love, faithfulness and companionship from the biginning because He always went ahead of us. All of this encourages and challgenges us to hold other events, always in the Lord’s hands.”

Source: Norma Ortiz de Torales.
Edited by: Susana Cabral.
Translation: Cindy Downey.

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