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Work begins in Aluminé

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Work begins in Aluminé

(Argentina CNSAM). On the 8th of February 2014, in the city of Aluminé, in the province of Neuquén, a prayer cell group started with four local individuals as well as four that traveled from the city of Neuquén, the capital (Dr. Eduardo Martínez pastor of the Church of the Nazarene Jesus is my refuge y district superintendent of the Patagonia North Argentina, his wofe Norma, Eduardo Vergara and his wife Idalina Recalde).

Aluminé is located 950 miles from Buenos Aires and 200 miles from the capital Neuquina. It is located in the heart of the Patagonia, at the edge of the Andes and the river which takes its name. It is the national capital of kayaking and is a fisherman’s paradise.

Ever since that moment, Eduardo Vergara and his wife Idalina have been in charge of the work. They opened another cell and after 20 days it had grown to 15 adults not counting the children. For their third cell they decided to rent an event room because there was no more space where they were meeting. In this cell they have about 45 adults, some young people as well as children.

All the work is through cell groups meeting every week in different strategical points in the city as well as in rural places. Right now there are seven evangelistic cells one of which is a discipleship group specifically for couples and another for leadership and Church of the Nazarene doctrinal training.

Also there is a group for women (Thursdays at 2:00 pm) a general meeting (Saturdays at 8:30 pm) in a rented room and another, every Friday at 8:30 pm, is a prayer group that meets at one of the leaders’ home.

Eduardo, tells us that the work is arduous but it’s satisfying to see the fruits of people giving their lives to the Lord as well as the miracles that God is doing. Silvia had waited 20 years for a property title on her home and had lost hope. We prayed and in 10 days she got the title. Martin, Karen’s husband (she attends a cell) had hurt his fingers so badly that the doctor ordered them to be amputated (and we have that certificate from the doctor). Karen prayed and the next day his fingers were healed. The doctor couldn’t understand what happened. Cristina had a growth on her ovaries (Endometriosis) and a hernia in her abdomen. She was to be operated on in July and when the day came and they made the final tests, to the glory of God, there was nothing. The hernia had disappeared and there was nothing on her ovaries (we have the medical records to prove this miracle).

They started with a prayer cell and three people in one place and 8 months later around 60 people attend the church services. The number of people attending cell groups during the week is greater than the ones attending church services because as Eduardo says “in a cell group people have a better possibility of being treated and helped”.

Right now they are about to open their 8th evangelistic cell in the small town of Villa Pehuenia 50 miles from the city of Aluminé. Aluminé and Villa Pehuenia, are touristic places in the province in which people from all over the world come to fish and hunt.

Source: Eduardo Vergara.
Editing: Germán Picavea.
Translation: Steve Brown.

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