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XXV Graduation STNS, Ecuador

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XXV Graduation STNS, Ecuador

(Ecuador CNSAM). The XXV Graduation was held at the South America Nazarene Theological Seminary (STNS) in Quito, Ecuador.

The ceremony was held at 6 pm on November 22, 2013. This years graduating class was named in honor of Liliana Almeida. A total of 21 students graduated from different programs offered.

From Colombia the following graduated:

Bachelors in Theology: Jorge Andrés Casares, Martha Varela and Freddy Niño.

Diploma in Evangelism and Church Growth, Giovanna Vásquez.

From Ecuador the following graduated:

Bachelors in Theology: Ángel Aucanshala, Miguel Morocho, María Túqueres, Cristina Anrango, Luis Cortez, Myriam Males, Johana Yambai and Miguel Zova.

Diploma in Christian Ministry, María Solórzano.

Certificate in Ministry, Luis Matango.

Diploma in Evangelism and Church Growth: Luis Chila and Érika Chávez.

Ministerial graduate of Theology: Rut Ascanta and María Castañeda.

Masters offered with SENDAS-STNS agreement: Raúl Flores and Jorge Rodríguez

From Peru the following graduated, Daniel Rojas, Ministerial graduate of Theology.

The ceremony was graced by the distinguished presence of Regional Theology Education Coordinator Dr. Jorge Julca.

Website for STNS:

SENDAS (Nazarene Seminary of the Américas in San José, Costa Rica).

Source: Fernando Almeida, rector STNS, Ecuador.
Editing: Germán Picavea.
Translation: Steve Brown.

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