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Youth Camp in Bolivia

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Youth Camp in Bolivia

(Bolivia CNSAM). June 27, 28 & 29 a camp for the South District youth was held in the city of Achocalla (La Paz), Bolivia.

Sixty young people between the ages of 17 and 27 gathered with more than 40 others (young couples and pastors on the district) in the city of Achocalla to share days of recreation, Bible competitions, games, sports and a deep search for God. There were devotionals, workshops and conferences with titles like, “How to be a Christian Like Jesus,” “Knowing Why I Need Salvation,” and “Saving What has been Thrown Away.” The preachers and conference speakers were the pastors from the South and Upper Northeast Districts: Ismael Ramos, Genaro Choque, Richard Flores and Carlos López. They shared the Word of God each day with those present.

There were representatives from the following churches: Central, New Life, San Miguel and Los Pinos from the city of Oruro; Iruma, Tolapalca, Pacokuhua from the rural zone of Oruro; and the church of Tupiza from the city of Potosí. They all competed in Bible quizzing from the book of Zachariah and participated in a talent show as soloists, duets and choirs.

Three days full of excellence, happiness and motivation to go for more is what the young participants took away as their personal experience and to share with their local churches.

Source: Pastor Ismael Ramos.
Written by: Susana Cabral.
Translation: Jennifer Edgerton.

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