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Youth consecrating their lives

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Youth consecrating their lives

(Argentina CNSAM). During January 22, 23, and 24 of 2016 Argentine Central District youth camp took place at the Pilar Conference Center where 320 youth were present.

An unforgettable weekend was lived at “Consecrated 2016” youth camp conducted by NYI – Nazarene Youth International of the Argentine Central District. Based on Romans 12: 1-2, the purpose of the camp was the consecration of young people to serve God.

The event was attended by teenagers and young adults in their 30s from 50 organized churches in the district. Broad participation was the result of teamwork from all areas of the Argentine Central District held during the last three years strengthening and uniting churches. It had been over 10 years that the Argentine Central District did not have a youth camp with such an active participation.

Present-day topics were covered, topics which highly impact the lives of camp participants. Workshops were held: Drugs and Addictions (Youth Challenge); Healthy sexuality (Daniel Spagnoli) and Self-esteem (Noemí Ainscough). These young people responded when faced with the reality of their lives and the plan God has for them. Devotions were led by Pastor Christian Ventura and youth leader Joel Slater Chavez. Participants enjoyed different sports and recreational activities, but also very special theme nights to fit the context of our youth.

Each day had a distinct emphasis: first day “React,” second day “Accept,” and the third day “Transform” with the challenge of achieving “Total Consecration.” We were blessed with the presence of three preachers who were God’s representatives to the young present, who brought a powerful word. Rev. Fabián Benítez, Rev. Glaucio Neto and Rev. Anna Melva Chavez. God was present throughout the camp; every day young people went to the altar to seek more and more of God, to return to their homes transformed and with the power to transform the lives of those around them.

The organizers give glory to God for changed lives, converted lives and cured lives; NYI has the challenge of continuing to raise leaders to serve God in the Central District, in Argentina and worldwide.

Source: Esteban Mastronardi.

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